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Call For Papers [pdf format,txt]

Partitioned Global Address Space [PGAS] and shared memory programming models such as UPC, Co-Array Fortran, OpenSHMEM and OpenMP offer mechanisms to expose applications to globally shared memory and native thread/task parallelism.  However, with the advent of heterogeneous computing architectures, there exists a significant gap in coupling PGAS-style languages to non-traditional computing devices such as GPU’s and reconfigurable processors.  This workshop shall serve as a forum to present research developments and language-extensions for tightly coupled PGAS/shared memory languages and heterogeneous architectures.  Papers, language-extension proposals and demos are solicited in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Heterogeneous Memory: Memory locality in heterogeneous PGAS applications; memory performance considerations; data movement activities in heterogeneous memory systems
  • Language Extensions: Language extensions to directly address thread/task-level memory locality; Tiered PGAS resource utilization; portable heterogeneous PGAS applications
  • Compilers and Runtime Systems: Hybrid PGAS compilers; mixed-architecture object payloads; scalable, heterogeneous runtime systems for PGAS
  • Debugging/Performance Tools and Techniques: Debugging PGAS-enabled, heterogeneous architectures; numerical accuracy in heterogeneous PGAS

Submission Guidelines
All papers submissions must be made electronically using the official PGAS-X submissions website [see below].  All abstracts must include contact information, a full list of authors with their respective affiliations and a summary description [100-300 words] of the anticipated content.  Papers must be submitted in PDF format and must be viewable by Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Papers are limited to 10 pages in IEEE 8.5" x 11" [US letter size paper] two-column format using 10pt font.  The IEEEtran.cls [PACT2011 link] LaTex style can be used to format your paper submission.  Papers must be submitted in PDF format and must be viewable by Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The workshop chair(s) will reject and return submissions not meeting the aforementioned requirements.   

Submission Instructions
Please use the following link for paper submissions.  The EasyChair website requires new users to create an account.

questions/comments: webmaster<at>pgas-x<dot>org

PGAS-X webmaster,
Jul 9, 2011, 5:32 AM
PGAS-X webmaster,
Jul 9, 2011, 5:32 AM